Core Resources for Pure-Data (Pd)
Pd an open source, real-time music and multimedia environment Pd user community founded by longtime mortmain() associate, jfm3
Pdb the Pure Data Base (lists ALL Pd objects and externals)
Pd-list mailing list and archives
PdDP Pure Data Documentation Project Pd's home
Puckette, Miller Pd creator and mastermind

Pure Data External Repository Pd
Pure Data Front Page the WikiWikiWeb for Pd
Pd spider many Pd links
Pd webring a webring dedicated to works related to Pd
Pd Resources for Mac OSX including single-click installers for Pd (and Tcl/Tk)

Additional Resources for Pure-Data
(Externals, Libraries, Abstractions, Patches, etc.) externals, abstractions and win32 ports "all sorts of stuff related to Pd"
Bogart, Ben chaotic attractors, LoadMyLibs, xy controller, ParticleSwarmOptimiser
CREB compl. red. ext. blk.
Cyclone bringing some level of compatibility between Max/MSP and Pd environments
Degoyon, Yves
many useful libs/externs including cooled~, spigot~ and piano roll's Pd Workshop Toronto based media collective who utilise and teach Pd...
site includes a Pd patch which serves as a lecture with examples
Finnendahl, Orm externals including csound~, maphash, floathotel and env-gen
FFT & Pd Fast Fourier-Transformation resource for Pd
FluidSynth - Soundfont2 support for Pd
Footils gui elements, fm synthesis, granular synthesis, knob, sequencers, etc.
Framestein externals for processing images and video
GEM Graphics Environment for Multimedia GEM's home
Gridflow a multi-dimensional dataflow processing library specialized in image and video
Grill, Thomas
GrIPD Graphical Interface for Pd
GYRE loop manipulation framework for Pd
IEMLIB libraries for Pure Data by Thomas Musil
Jamma a multichannel loop-sampler written for Pd
McCallum, David abstractions, GoP patches and a very thorough pd.bat for win32
MjLib a collection of objects designed for making music machines
Moocow's externals including RATTS "Realtime Analog Text-To-Speech"
NDC audio patches
OSC Open Sound Control
PDP Pure Data Packet - a packet processing library for Pure Data
pmpd physical modelling library for pd
P.i.D.i.P. video processing objects for PDP - many externals including wedit
PeRColate a collection of synthesis, signal processing and image processing objects
PoDoP a video motion tracking library for PDP
sIgpAck a library of signal processing objects (site also hosts win32 ports of libs by Yves Degoyon)
Xsmusic Fractal Additive Synthesis for Pd
Zexy an essential library

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